Symposium sur la sécurité des technologies de l'information et des communications

Conférence francophone sur le thème de la sécurité de l'information.
Elle a eu lieu à Rennes du 13 au 15 juin 2018.

Hardening a Java Card Virtual Machine Implementation with the MPUGuillaume Bouffard, Léo Gaspard

Date : 14 June 2018 à 14:45 — 30 min.

In the world of Java Cards, the Firewall guarantees the segregation of applet data and ensures the integrity and confidentiality of each application. In order to be independent from the microcontroller, most Java Card Virtual Machine (JCVM) implementations are not designed to use hardware-based mechanisms.

In this article, we describe how the Memory Protection Unit (MPU) can be used to segregate each Java Card applet from the Operating System and device drivers. Even if our contribution is designed to fit a specific hardware-based mechanism, our JCVM architecture can be reused for a microcontroller without MPU.